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Hot Yoga Studio Heating

Hot Yoga Studio Heating

Need some help with your hot yoga studio heating?  Lucas Rockwood from Absolute Yoga and Jeanne Chung from Absolute Yoga Singapore go into depth about yoga studio heating and heating systems in this comprehensive 35 minute video.  This informative video will highlight some of the important things to consider when designing your yoga studio heating system, such as:

  • Different types of heating systems for hot yoga
  • How to set up your hot yoga studio heating system
  • Balancing heat and humidity in your yoga room
  • Obtaining consistent heat throughout the entire yoga room
  • Ventilation and fresh air
  • Heating equipment and heating technology
  • Climate control systems
  • Controlling heating system noise
  • How to choose the right heating contractor
  • Common mistakes in designing your hot yoga studio heating system

Whether you are teaching Bikram Yoga, Hot Flow Yoga, Hot Vinyassa or any other yoga in a heated room, this video will shed some light on the “hot” topic of heating your yoga studio.

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